Congrats Anuradha Koirala!

CNN Hero Of The Year: Anti-Slavery Fighter Anuradha Koirala Wins Top Award

From her website:
Ms. Anuradha Koirala is the Founder and Executive Director of Maiti Nepal. Born in Nepal and former English teacher, Ms. Koirala started Maiti Nepal in a small house in Kathmandu with her own savings. Today she is a widely recognized activist and lecturer who has dedicated her life to combating the sexual exploitation of women and children.
Her accomplishments have been recognized through numerous awards. Her work is often dangerous and requires great personal sacrifice. The criminal elements that “deliver” young girls are a ruthless enemy and have political connections at the highest levels in India and Nepal. Maiti Nepal’s main office in Kathmandu has been destroyed twice and Maiti workers must travel with a bodyguard when overseeing rescue missions in India.

Her commitment has been an inspiration to her largely volunteer staff. Most of the workers are rescued girls and young women who are healthy enough to work. “They need little incentive from me,” states Ms Koirala. “They are working to help their sisters and they know the horror of the victims.” She adds, “Society rejects me and my girls, but they are the most important thing in my life.”


The Empty Vessel Makes The Most Noise

All through my school days on the classroom black board we would write a moral of the day. Most of the them were quotes and some were meaningful phrases.

Now in my forties, I had almost forgotten about them until a certain specimen came into my living room, thanks to gran’pa grumpy! Now everyday the twitta-quitta brings back all those morals and phrases back to memory….

Ummmmm it is gonna be a long time before ‘this too shall pass’ occurs. The one-degree-at five-college, “we don’t need a professor of law in charge” genius thinks she can beat President Obama in 2012. This my friends is the same lady who could not even say word ‘caricature’ in an interview with Katie Couric….just watch and gasp!

Oh Yes, Strip Them One by One…

I never thought I would be capable of such sadistic, ummmmmmm lovely thoughts but turns out the flesh is after all weak. The following are worth keeping count of and in good memory.

From the Washington Post’s Plumline:

Takedown of the day, from David Frum, on Sarah Palin’s Tweet asking whether the leaking of excerpts of her new book might be illegal:

To which the answer is: actually, no it’s not. And the fact that Sarah Palin believes it might be is reason number 5,417 why she should be allowed nowhere near the police power of the United States.

From The Washington Monthly:

HUCKABEE NEEDS A SIXTH-GRADE CIVICS CLASS…. I realize Mike Huckabee wants to be president. I also realize that desire pushes Huckabee to say some pretty foolish things in order to impress his party’s far-right base.

But even with these considerations in mind, Huckabee’s approach to court rulings he doesn’t like is pretty out there.

“A president has certainly got to respect a ruling of the court, but if the ruling of a court is wrong, and it’s fundamentally wrong, and you have two branches of the government that determine that it’s wrong, then those other two branches supersede the one…. The two branches of government, legislative and executive, have every right to make it clear to the Supreme Court that their interpretation is wrong. And whether they do that by constitutional amendment to spell it out to the court, or by passage of further amplification of law, there are many means, I think, at hand to do that.”

Um, no.

Constitutional amendments are an option, I suppose, when elected officials have a problem with a Supreme Court ruling, but I sure would like to hear Huckabee’s definition of “supersede.”

While he’s at it, maybe Huckabee, the governor turned Fox News personality, could also elaborate on what it means for other branches of government to “further amplify” the law. How would that work, exactly? Congress passes legislation, a president signs it into law, and the courts find it unconstitutional. But if it’s a “fundamentally wrong” ruling, Huckabee thinks Congress and the White House can pursue “further amplification” to get what they want?

And who’s to decide which rulings are the “fundamentally wrong” ones?

Huckabee has already demonstrated, repeatedly, that economics and foreign policy aren’t his strong suits. I think we can add constitutional law to the list of issues he needs to work on before the next national campaign.

And from The Jedi Master Of Comedy Central: (ALL EMPHASIS MINE)

Oh yes, do strip them one by one, I am waiting and keeping count……

Dumb And Dumber Opposition

Day in and day out, the gridlock drama that is enfolding south of the border is getting too irrational and bizarre, that I wouldn’t be surprised if all these dumb and dumber repugs got up one day to disown themselves!

Stupid, stupid, stupid repugs! My heart goes out to President Obama and all the deserving people who so very much need the reforms and be rid of these repug-cracks. Doubling down on my prayers and thought projections!!