English Speaking Idiots

Born in a country where English although official is only the second language to most citizens, I grew up holding the USA with great awe. I always thought that a country where English is the main language people would be much better informed and have deeper sense of awareness for after all, there is no language barrier.

But I guess not!. It doesn’t matter about the language or awareness, once a person is determined to remain an idiot, taking great pride in being so, there is nothing much the great and tireless leaders can do about it. These English speaking idiots would readily poke their two eyes to harm one eye of their neighbour’s. Well folks, you made your bed of roses or whatever, so good luck to you! If you are willing to cut your noses to spite your faces, who am I to stop you. I ‘ll be here sitting above you all, watching your gridlock with greater sadness for what it could have been.



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