Happy 1st Birthday Nikhil


One thought on “Happy 1st Birthday Nikhil

  1. Hi Athai
    Thank you so much for your wishes. My I st birthday was lots of fun. My dear dodamma arranged for a party in the evening. The cake was sooo yummy and I wanted more and more. Many stopped by to wish me. Mommy says that they are all part of our family. They all gave me just a small peice of cake and they took the lion’s share. I didnt like that. But I forgot that in a minute after they opened up all the presents for me. The barking puppy scared me a bit but am brave enough to hold him in my hands now. I kick the rocking cat with my legs and I love to watch it rock back and forth. Do you know that I can hold on to chairs and tables and stand on my own? But whatever I pick up to play, mommy snatches it from my hand( Sigh!). Alright aunty… buoy buoy ( bye bye) for now. Its my nap time!

    Love you lots!

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