President Pissypants OR President Persi(stence)pants?

Just weeks earlier President Obama was termed President Pissypants by TBogg for whom I have enormous love and respect. Well President PP did it again.

-> He passed “The Tax-Cuts” bill

-> Today he signed  “The Repeal of DADT” bill

(If the CSpan video does not respond well, please click below for a better quality video)

The Huffingtonpost reports:

President Barack Obama says valor and sacrifice in the armed forces are no longer defined by sexual orientation.

Obama spoke Wednesday morning at the Interior Department as he prepared to sign a landmark law ordering America’s armed services to let homosexuals serve openly for the first time. Surrounded by senior military officials and members of Congress, Obama said he is proud to sign the bill, which he says will strengthen national security.

Bob Cesca summs it up very well here:


This new Vanity Fair item about President Obama and why his enemies hate him so much is pretty dead on. And so why do they hate him?

Precisely because of the raft of legislative victories he’s achieved. Obama has pushed through large and complicated new government initiatives at a time of record-low public trust in government (and in institutions of any sort, for that matter), and he has suffered not because he hasn’t “done” anything but because he’s done so much—way, way too much in the eyes of his most conservative critics. With each victory, Obama’s opponents grow more frustrated, filling the airwaves and what passes for political discourse with fulminations about some supposed sin or another.I would also argue that the same thing can be said about the president’s progressive enemies. The establishment press continues to operate under the false impression that the progressive movement elected this president. Wrong. Many of the top shelf progressive leaders were ambivalent at best about Barack Obama during the campaign. John Edwards was the progressive candidate. Not the president. As such, there’s no real motivation among some progressives to see the successes, since they had little to do with the election of the president in the first place. (See also Eric Boehlert’s book “Bloggers On The Bus” is proof of the progressive opposition to the president during the campaign.)

I second it!!

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