Who Would Dislike 20 To 30..?

Perhaps the most likable, lovable and popular figure that would appeal to any teen or adult is the 20-30 range. After all which teen is not ready to kick away from the awkward teenage and enter the ‘Terrific-20’s’: assert his or her freedom and strut the new found independence all around? Likewise, which adult is not ready to drool over a 20-30 figure, you tell me..?

Me too am no exception. While I was in India in December, I was drooling over the 20-30 degrees temperature which seemed divinely delicious compared to what I would have faced back home here in Canada.

So imagine my heart going dub-da-dab-dub-dub..when I heard the magic number 20-30 over and over again in TV and radio today. But alas, oh, heart of mine, rest easy…It is not that 20-30 they are talking about, but Mother Nature’s graceful shower ranging from 20-30 cms between Tuesday night & Wednesday night…Ummmmmmm

While it won’t may not quite be like this…

.……..it could very well be a lot like this….


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