Ok, Ok, I Got Punk’d….

…when in India we would always claim that if the media-meteriologist predicted something that would almost not happen. But in Canada, we are so used to checking the weather channel before heading out each day, we would dress warmly, dress down, stay indoors, enjoy outdoors, blizzard warnings, extreme heat alert, smog-alert, extreme wind-chill alerts, all kinds, you name it we probably have heard it something during the year.

So yesterday I posted about the 20 to 30 cms of snow coming our way, but turns out to be not quite that much… Here is the accumulation right at my door-step, my front yard and my back yard. All schools are closed so my son gets to stay home, safe & snuggly…while I wear my snow-gear and head out. Not sure when I will reach office, but planning to go in..

Also, too, south of the border, ha ha ha they are in ho-ho-ho land. Seriously, sorry guys you got the brunt of it this year. Welcome to Canadian Weather!

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