I Luv It, Luv It, Luv It…..

…..between admiring Egypt’s historic upraising, braving the bone-freezing chilly weather and chasing my elusive personal pursuits..I was so lost for some days. These videos provided the much needed comic relief & brought me right back to the real world. Umm, it’s nice to be back!!

My favourites are the ‘Night-time/Day-time’ and the ‘Dentist Monkey’, who reminds me of my own dentist. Now, don’t get me wrong, my dentist is a tall, handsome Irish guy who shares no resemblance whatsoever, other than getting  real chatty especially when all I am capable of are grunts and aha’s. Well, God bless him, I owe him my charming smile!


Here is the second part: (No personal fav in this video)

hat tip: The Dependable Renegades

2 Comments Add yours

  1. karthi says:

    Luved it! u know how i like animals!

  2. AK75 says:

    Too cute! I have tried night time day time with the two devils and with kids:)

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