When Nature Comes Knocking…..

……….on your door, what to do, what to do? Just go GRAB your Nikon, that’s what’s left to do!!

Remember this from last October: ‘What a Treat!’

Well here is this morning’s (6.45am) treat..

The first one is the view directly in my backyard, the next one is from my left-side neighbour’s backyard view and the third is from my right-side neighbour’s. I love all the three pictures. Planning to enlarge them and frame them into one horizontal piece. Will share the final product later on…. For now enjoy this,

Winter mornings

White snow drifts slowly to the ground
each small snowflake dancing in unison.
The cold nips at my nose.

My frosty breath fills the morning air.
The sun is slowly rising over the mountains.
Cars fly by in a flurry
Headlights flash by in an instant.
and then silence envelops the open air.
Life is simple.
Today I live to feel.
My cold toes hugging the fresh fallen snow.
My fingers grasping small clumps of ice
and I can feel my breath inside of me.
Filling me wholly
before I exhale all that is my life.

Katherine H. Belle


4 thoughts on “When Nature Comes Knocking…..

  1. What never ceases to amaze me is the beauty of your soul…coz that’s what allows you to see the mundane yet amazing beauty of our day to day world and share it with us 🙂

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