Prayer Miracles….

……I walked into my friend’s hospital room bracing myself for little or no change. What I did not expect was seeing her sitting up in a wheel chair in a T-shirt and sweat-pants. God, oh God, what a fantastic difference !! The rude-bloody scar is almost healed. Except for the edema on her head there is no other significant obvious sign. She is currently doing physical therapy twice a day working on her right side of her body. She has learnt to leverage her left side limbs to compensate for the yet to function right side. Her speech was so much more understandable than last week though there is more work to be done. She pointed to a calendar on the wall and told me that she can go home by end of April. Yeahhhhhhhhh, I’ll toast to that!!

Thanks to all of your prayers!! I am very very humbled!


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  1. Cami says:

    Great news!!!! Thank you for sharing with us. You know, although I don’t know F personally, she comes to my mind sometimes twice a day and when that happens I say a little prayer for her, not a formal one, but just ask the universe to heal the wound, and restore her body to normal so she can go home to her little ones and her husband. Before I go to bed I say a more formal prayer for D, L,T and one for her as well. I wish her full recovery from the bottom of my heart!

  2. Mia Malkan says:

    Thanks Cami, it is because of prayers like yours that she is able to sit up in a wheel-chair, pushing herself for physical therapy twice a day. I’ve full confidence, I’ll have more news to share after my next visit, which will be this Friday. I can barely wait!

  3. G3 says:

    Very good news. And a toast to even better news this coming Friday. Prayers to F.

  4. michael says:

    Thank you M,
    for rallying so many friends around the world
    to pray specifically for one person
    one whom many of us dont know and never will
    yet because of you
    and because you asked
    we prayed a focused prayer
    and your friend benefitted
    never under estimate
    the power of God

  5. Mia Malkan says:

    Thanks Michael…
    I am sure you would have this and so much more in a heartbeat had you received that email. There are few things/beliefs I absolutely stand/live by and prayer is certainly at the top-five.

  6. jaya says:

    great news. May Fay come to her normal self as soon as possible.

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