Just Hug Him/Her Tight

An Open Letter To My Dear Friends

I am probably the last person to write about relationship and most of you my friends are already in a loving, fulfilling relationship, so what I am going to say next might be like ‘preaching to the choir’ (forgive me for that). But you all know me well by now……I’ve got to say what is in my mind or worms eat up my brain or something like that….

Having seen  Fay’s husband interact  with her these past three Fridays,  his big, bright, proud smiles while talking about her ‘achievements of that day’ and then shedding tears after she had left the room for her physio-exercises, recounting all his fears and insecurities over her….

Having seen my dad run errands for my mom a minimum of three times a day just so she can have her fresh  dairy, vegetables and fruits…

Having seen my brother care for his wife…

Having seen the tears in KG’s eyes while talking about his wife RK at the hospital while she was in surgery and having seen RK bustle about caring for KG  now that she is a full time house-wife….

Having held hands with CB at the hospital while her husband GB was pulling through his surgery…

Having heard of how K  loves and cares for JK….

Having heard of how Milton cared for and cleaned up after my friend JMS threw up all over him and all over the washroom…

Having seen the love in MCT’s eyes for his  lovely wife C..

Having heard so much about JV and his total support and love for AT….

and sadly, having read this story.……….

A heartbreaking story out of Brooklyn today of couple Nathan and Elisa Bond, who have an 18-month old daughter, who were both diagnosed with advanced cancer within just 9 days of each other.

…………………………all I want to say is,  ‘JUST HUG HIM/HER TIGHT’.…and this….

Okay, now that it is taken care of, how about some ‘prayer-miracles’ for Team-Bond?


2 Comments Add yours

  1. jaya says:

    Our prayers for Nathan and Elisa. I always thought everything that God does is for the good. But dont know what to say on this. May God give them strength

  2. Cami says:

    M, you are one extraordinary human being! your kindness towards others is of the first degree…God bless you and your loved ones!

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