War On Weeds…(part 2)

….Day 2 of the Battle began at 5.40am this morning at th right side of my yard. The picture on the left is what I had to contend with.  After 2 days of battle, behold  my ‘war-booty’, ……yes Sir, almost three bags full and a drum load to top it all off….Anybody wants bags of weeds?


After that it was time to re-sand the patio-stones, re-set the patio-furniture and hoist the flag umbrella and declare, “All Hail Hard-Work!”

Peace at last in my backyard!!



War on Weeds……part (1)

………even  a mighty (140 pound) general like me is no match for the sudden downpour that pelted down this morning. As the best of my artillery are electric based, I had to wait until the rain stopped and the sun shined bright and warm enough before I could get into the war-field.  Divide and Conquer was my strategy….so today, I focussed on the left side of my yard…here is the close up of what I had to contend with…


So after almost three hours of this…..

I sat back on the freshly movwed lawn to survey the results of ‘Day 1 of the Battle’….

Bird-feeders (black-lanterns-like-thingys) and silver solar-lights are up, planter boxes are duly assigned….the right one is ‘Lily-special‘ and the right is ‘Herb-special‘ (more about the planter boxes later), , all weeds pulled out, lawn mowed down ‘military-style. All that is left to do here is to add more soil-manure-mulch and decorative rocks to finish it all off. And then, I can sit back, sip some coffee, read a book and await the flowers and the 3 B’s (bird, bees and butterflies). All in all, good job even if I do say so myself. And yes, it felt great to walk barefoot on the freshly mowed lawn and maybe one day I’ll even roll in the grass……

Can’t Handle It Anymore, So I’m Waging War…

……..that’s it! I am done being patient, being loving. Not anymore, it is now……………………. a full blown war babe!!!..

Here is the view of my pathetically weed begone backyard from my bed-room…

The white “Candy Floss‘ and the red ‘Bleeding Hearts‘ are fighting for survival among the yellow Dandelions. ummmmmmmm as today I am awaiting my gal-friends for a chow-pow-time…

……. tomorrow and on Monday, I plan to attack  my back yard as vigorously as I can….

“‘Waging war babe!! YAHOO!!”

Belated Birthday Wishes To JMS

……I have no excuses for forgetting your very special day on May 16th. You even called me on May 17 and we yakked on many topics…but I didn’t recall even then.Today, just few minutes ago, it struck me that I have totally missed your day. Sorry, please forgive me hopefully you had a blast, I’m sure Josh took care of it all…

When it hurts to look back, and you’re scared to look ahead, you can look beside you and your best friend will be there

Thanks for always being there for me, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!

Little Nothings, Joyful Somethings…

……my new firiend from Dubai, AK, commented the other day on my joy of gardening. He said that it would be something that I would never be able to do there. I told him then that I enjoyed container-gardening quite as well.

Last Sunday morning on my way back from my walk, couldn’t resist picking up three ‘Fuschia’s and one green-spike and then ……..

These kinds of  ‘Little Nothings but Joyful Somethings’ keep me happy, cheerful and grounded in Canada!!