War on Weeds……part (1)

………even  a mighty (140 pound) general like me is no match for the sudden downpour that pelted down this morning. As the best of my artillery are electric based, I had to wait until the rain stopped and the sun shined bright and warm enough before I could get into the war-field.  Divide and Conquer was my strategy….so today, I focussed on the left side of my yard…here is the close up of what I had to contend with…


So after almost three hours of this…..

I sat back on the freshly movwed lawn to survey the results of ‘Day 1 of the Battle’….

Bird-feeders (black-lanterns-like-thingys) and silver solar-lights are up, planter boxes are duly assigned….the right one is ‘Lily-special‘ and the right is ‘Herb-special‘ (more about the planter boxes later), , all weeds pulled out, lawn mowed down ‘military-style. All that is left to do here is to add more soil-manure-mulch and decorative rocks to finish it all off. And then, I can sit back, sip some coffee, read a book and await the flowers and the 3 B’s (bird, bees and butterflies). All in all, good job even if I do say so myself. And yes, it felt great to walk barefoot on the freshly mowed lawn and maybe one day I’ll even roll in the grass……


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