Yeeks, The Wascally Wabbit Is Back….

remember this WASCAL who decimated my chilly-lillies…

HE IS BACK!!!!     With his new partner-in-crime……

well, he is NOT touching any of my Lillies or Lilacs or ‘Black-eye-Susan’s this year: he is welcome to share the nuts & seeds with the winged-friends in my yard


New Arrival In My Garden…..

The year was 2006: I was travelling in a car with my family, up to the hotel at  Yercaud, when I saw the lovely orange-coloured ‘Honey-suckle’ flowers on both sides of our path. I attempted to capture them in my camera…but didn’t get a good shot. The flowers remained vivid in my memory. After some due-diligence, I bought two Honey-suckle plants this year and planted them side-by-side to form an arch. The one that was supposed to yield golden-yellow blooms has yielded this…..

The one on the right side, was supposed to yield orange-colour blooms, but is yet to show its colours, though thriving well…….

Seek and ye shall find. Ask and ye shall get, even if it takes five (5) years….