5 Key Trends ….

…………………..Likely To Shape The World Of Work in Coming Years.

The Globe and Mail reports:

GREYING WORK FORCE: An aging population, more people opting to stay on the job and the elimination of mandatory retirement ages mean workplaces should prepare for the age of “unretirement.”

GOING GLOBAL: Overseas experience, familiarity with other cultures and the ability to speak multiple languages will take on ever-greater importance in this globalized economy.

COLLABORATION: Technology, including social media and a need for innovation, will spark more collaboration – employees will work on teams within organizations and together with suppliers, customers and even rivals.

CONTRACT WORK: The long-term shift toward temporary or contract work is expected to accelerate as employers favour a more nimble work force. That may bring more flexibility for free-agent workers – but also more insecurity.

REMOTE WORK: Forget showing up for the 9-to-5 grind. The changing face of work will mean using more mobile technology to work at the coffee shop, at home in pyjamas or while in transit.

Kudos for depicting a powerful, sari-clad Indian woman to symbolize ‘going global’. None better than the desi ‘naari’ (in a sari) to adapt, adjust and adopt globalization!! Very proud to be one!!

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