Look What Bloomed In My Backyard Today….

Dr Ars from Dubai, who was sweltering at 48 degrees weather there, asked me if I was planning to get busy with the wabbits in my yard today…I told him that I intended to do some weeding, while soaking up some sun. Just half an hour into my weeding, lookie here at what/who came skipping into my yard. My neighbour’s daughter danced along with her play-mate to smooth-talk me into giving them some flowers for their play-party..

Oh, sweet children who am I to deny you nature’s joy? I let them take what they needed after teaching them to be gentle with my plants. Aren’t they both quick-study as well as being lovely?

As William Wordsworth wrote in his: “To The Daisy”
When, smitten by the morning ray,
I see thee rise alert and gay,
Then, chearful Flower! my spirits play
With kindred motion:
At dusk, I’ve seldom mark’d thee press
The ground, as if in thankfulness,
Without some feeling, more or less,
Of true devotion.

And all day long I number yet,
All seasons through, another debt,
Which I wherever thou art met,
To thee am owing;
An instinct call it, a blind sense;
A happy, genial influence,
Coming one knows not how nor whence,
Nor whither going.

ummmmmmm, flowers of several kinds, bird, bees, Wascally-wabbits, slugs n snails..and now cute children….anyone wonder anymore, why I love spending time in my yard..??


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