This Week In My Yard….

Remember this from May 2011 post, Can’t Handle It Anymore, So I’m Waging War..?

As of last evening, my yard looked like this from my bed-room window..

I know, I know the Muskoka-chair needs re-painting, but guess what August is just around the corner and it is officially my painting-month. The yard could take more re-seeding, but hey it is mostly weed-free. That should account for something right?? I digress.

The herbs seem very pleased romancing the sun. Here is mint from my yard into my living -room. Any guess what’s on dinner-menu tonight..?

Here are Thyme and Basil in the herb-planter and more Basil in pots. All the three pots will be given away to my friends as gifts next week.

Total cost for all these herbs: $0 as they all re-seeded themselves from last year. Planning to buy more pots at the end of September to grow more next summer. I intend to gather and label more seeds this year for next year’s Herb-Specials.


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