This Week In My Yard….

….I have a lovely profusion of purple Clematis and Asiatic lillies. South of the border the crazies are self-igniting & crash-burning. President Obama is kicking ass and I’m loving every minute of it. Personally, I’ve purged and still trying to purge some serious emotional webs. My son is working hard to finish off three more weeks of summer-classes. I’ve got a bunch of Nora Roberts books to read- My world is at the right tilt and I am at peace!

May Peace Be Upon You All Too!


5 thoughts on “This Week In My Yard….

  1. Hey Babe:… just saying hi, love reading your ping-pong postings :)…it looks like we are having a good summer. life is good indeed 🙂 XOXO

  2. Nice flowers. Hope you are not getting roasted like us those in the US Midwest. Send some cool air from the North , will ya?

  3. Obama’s theatrics are good. But policy indicates otherwise. With trillions in cuts during the downturn, he seems more like he would love to cash out and spend time with family after 2012.

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