My Swimming Inspiration

Most of the friends of TDPP know that I can’t swim, can’t even wade like a duck, can’t even flap/flop like a rhinocerous, which would of course sink in matter of seconds. But, but, but….I do hold on to a dear and near ambition to master it one day. Now cheers to my inspiration, that day might come sooner than later. Seeing this 200+ pound cutie-hippy flip like this, I am confident that myself, a 130+ pound human-hippy can most certainly do it too…. Yes, you can hold my feet to the fire if I don’t master it by December 2011.

If I fail, I give you all full permission to ape this….



H/T: The Dependable Renegade


5 thoughts on “My Swimming Inspiration

  1. That was inspiring and sweet at the same time. Wish you do master the art and I do retain the rights of the second one. Ha ha ha

    • Woah, woah J, hold on….. Just got my new swim-suit and found a ‘Swim-Academy’ close to home where they will teach new-bies like moi….Planning to enrol in September.Will keep you posted.

      Snorkelling is way into my future J, But thanks for the encouragement.

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