No Knee Jerks From Me…..

……up until few years ago, I was known for what I call as ‘ my instinctive behaviour’ and what most others (my well-wishers) thought as ‘my impulsive behaviour’. It didn’t bother me as I always believed that I processed the pros and cons much more faster than most of them anyway and was very much willing to pay the price expend the elbow-grease needed to see me through my actions/decisions.

Be it my decisions at my home in India, move from India, settle in Canada, buy/sell properties, choosing careers, making decisions for my son, whatever it  was, I was up and running in a flash. I analysed, planned, tweaked, planned more and acted all while on my feet. Sometimes the pace would tire my well-wishers out just trying to keep up with my accounts of my journey.

And then came 2008: when I started following then Senator Barack Obama’s campaign and trying to understand his point of view against my fellow-scorpion and most-distinguished Hillary Clinton. I found myself more contemplative and less instinctive/impulsive in my thoughts and opinions at least with regards to BO. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am NOT squeamish to criticize him. I am NOT naive to think that he is infallible. But, there is something about this man, something about his calm, contemplative and cohesive actions….that is instilling more confidence in me to trust him that doubt him. And, no it is NOT because I am not living in USA. Trust me, these days we are all so very interconnected and if the USA sneezes, we will feel the shivers up here too along with the rest of the world.

So, no knee-jerks from me on BO, not now, not ever. I’ll have my say after the deal is reached and after I’ve heard/read some more trust-worthy reports on this ginned up crisis and after the greatest kick-ass president has kicked some more asses…..


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