This Week In My Yard….

….I have a lovely profusion of purple Clematis and Asiatic lillies. South of the border the crazies are self-igniting & crash-burning. President Obama is kicking ass and I’m loving every minute of it. Personally, I’ve purged and still trying to purge some serious emotional webs. My son is working hard to finish off three more…

This Week In My Yard….

Remember this from May 2011 post, Can’t Handle It Anymore, So I’m Waging War..? As of last evening, my yard looked like this from my bed-room window.. I know, I know the Muskoka-chair needs re-painting, but guess what August is just around the corner and it is officially my painting-month. The yard could take more…

Balleilakka In America

This group really enjoyed this song and the joy in their voice took me straight to my motherland. I could listen to this performance all evening..simply wow! ┬áKudos to The Oakland Chorale!! H/T: KB from LA.  

Happy Anniversary K-K

“A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, and always with the same person.” -Mignon McLaughlin GOD BLESS

Look What Bloomed In My Backyard Today….

Dr Ars from Dubai, who was sweltering at 48 degrees weather there, asked me if I was planning to get busy with the wabbits in my yard today…I told him that I intended to do some weeding, while soaking up some sun. Just half an hour into my weeding, lookie here at what/who came skipping…