This Week In My Yard


While weeding, I found a ‘manathakali plant’ that I did not plant. I’ve not even cooked this plant (leaves or berries) for some years, certainly not since 2008. So, I have no clue where it came from. But I am thankful: the black-blue berries taste good. I love this plant as I can use everything except the roots in my meals.

The botonical name of manathakkali (BLACK NIGHTSHADE) is Solanum nigrum. The following are ways in which you can use Black Nightshade(manathakkali) in your homes and communities;

Liver Disorders; Solanum nigrum is most effective for liver disorders such as chronic enlargement of the liver and associated symptons, eg. haemoptesis (blood from the mouth, mucoid stools, and other skin manifestations). The juice of the plant can be taken for this.

Chronic Skin Ailments; For example Psoriasis and Ringworm, the tender plant is used as a vegetable and a paste (as a poultice) of the plant is applied locally.

Inflammatory Conditions; The plant is taken internally as a vegetable and applied externally as a paste. Alternatively the hot leaves can be applied to the swellings.

Painful periods: the leaves are used. Crush a handful of (about 20) leaves and boil the paste with ¼ cup of water and pinch of salt, to extract the juice. Dosage; take ¼ cup of boiled leaf juice, along with meals thrice a day for 5 days during menstruation. Repeat for three cycles.

For fevers, diarrhoea, eye diseases, hydrophobia; the berries are used.

Decoction of leaves; diuretic, laxative. Decoction of berries and flowers; prescribed in cough and cold.

Manathakkali Keerai – has lot of vitamins in it. Is good for mouth & stomach ulcers.

Next up tomatoes: the ‘Cherry-tomatoes’ are cute as a button and have begun to ripen, which means I can harvest some this week… yeahhhh. The ‘Roma’ are still green and growing, will harvest them later next week.

Finally the lovely ladies: the bold-n-blooming’Black-eye–Susans’, the very young-just popping ‘Majenta-mums‘ and a lonely ‘Sunflower’. Click on the pictures to enlarge and enjoy!!

Read somewhere: “If you want to be happy for some time, read a book. If you want to be happy for some years, get married. But, if you want to be happy forever, start gardening”. he, he, he……..

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  1. KG Balaji says:

    The Garden is shaping up well for all your efforts. But where do you get the time for all this

  2. jaya says:

    Hard work really pays, Hats off to you, U really find time for all these. Good inspiration u r.

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