Who Am I?

A couple of months ago GB- a good friend, confessed that he was not able to understand me anymore.  Which made me go hmmmmm?? Shortly thereafter I came across this poem, which provided a perfect answer to my hmmmmmmmmm…

          Four Men

It chance upon a winter’s night

Ssfe, sheltered from the weather.

The board was spread for only one,

Yet four men dined together.

                   There sat the man I meant to be

                   In glory, spurred and booted

                   And close beside him, to the right

                   The man I am reputed.

The man I  think myself to be

His seat was occupying

Hard by the man I really am

To hold his own was trying.

                  And all beneath one roof we met

                  Yet none called his fellow brother

                  No sign of recognition passed

                  They knew not one another

                                   —— Anon


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