Believe & Achieve- A Post By Michael of Auz.

What we believe determines what we achieve!

Have you been in a situation where you know something to be true and the person you are talking to does not know, and does not believe you?

The world is round!

At one time in our history everyone believed that the world was flat. It was many years and it required many philosophers and astronomers – to convince educated people that their beliefs were limiting and incorrect.

Man cannot fly!

At another time in history everyone believed that man could not fly. When the first hot air balloons to carry passengers were invented in 1783, the French believed that the air did not contain oxygen, so they first sent animals up in a basket to see if they would live.

We have many beliefs that control our lives individually and personally.

I have been a business consultant for 20 years. We are like bees going from flower to flower collecting pollen; we go from client to client collecting ideas. All we do is take ideas from one client and give them to another one.

We are not necessarily cleverer than our clients, we have just seen many more things than they have. Most of my clients have only worked in one industry and many have only worked in 3 businesses. I have worked in over 10 different industries and with over 400 businesses.

In business I know things that individuals, especially owners, don’t know and therefore, often, don’t believe. In my career I have seen many businesses falter, or reach well below their full potential, because of the limited beliefs of the owner(s).

Over the week end I was leading a seminar to do with education. We had the chance to workshop many proven ideas, however some individuals did not believe them. They have not used the ideas before, could not agree that they might work, and so at the end of the sessions they are most likely to return to the way they have always done things, and therefore get the same result they have always achieved.

It is a privilege to consult to business owners and also to be asked to lead workshops and seminars. Yet time and again I witness such limited beliefs and see the limited achievements that result.

I would like to lead a charge to delimit our beliefs!

There is no reason for me to limit my beliefs. I wont die, I wont get hurt, I wont even be physically effected. I can change my beliefs, I can delimit them, easily and for free.

Why do we limit our beliefs? Why do I?

We limit our beliefs towards Christ, and therefore we limit what Christ can do in our lives.

In Matthew 13:58, “He (Jesus) did not do many miracles because of their lack of faith.”

I always thought that he could not do many miracles, but this morning I saw that hechose not to.

Jesus chose not to do many miracles because of their limited beliefs.

 I saw that Jesus did not do miracles to demonstrate his power to unbelievers. He did not use miracles to prove himself, and in fact, the Pharisees and Sadducees saw him do many miracles and still they chose not to believe. Miracles don’t necessarily cause faith.

I saw that I limit Christ in my life by limiting my beliefs in him, in what he can do. I saw that on the week end, when three people spoke of their personal experiences which are very limited in comparison to my own, and I saw that they limit Christ in their beliefs.

In this specific case, they have been taught by their own Church, that God is powerless, Christ is distant, and the Holy Spirit does not speak, so their limited beliefs come from the teachers in their church.

Nevertheless, as we explored different beliefs they refused them.

I choose to delimit my own beliefs.

I also choose to do my best to educate others about how limiting their beliefs limits their achievements.

Specifically I choose to try to educate people that we limit our lives when we limit Christ in our lives.

The risk is to lose the old dead life and allow Jesus to transform us into a new life filled with his peace and joy and love and presence.

What could be better than that?- MCT

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