Helping President Obama This Week

Last week I was inspired by one of my favourite blogger/journalist Charles Pierce’s post : “How Can We Help President Obama Today?” at Esquire:

We can help by pointing out relentlessly the one thing that every one of the graphs, and every one of the monthly jobs reports, have had in common: namely, that the president was handed a multimegaton dungbomb of an economy when he took over.
No, nobody’s happy with 8-percent unemployment as the new normal, and the stimulus should have been bigger, and the Obama administration was hamstrung because it was trying to get started and listened to the people everybody said were the smart guys, which is why the president still has a long pull up a dirt road even against this Republican field. Still, every month, there’s another one of these, and the one abiding characteristic they all have is that they show vividly that the recession was a helluva lot deeper than anyone thought, or that anyone was led to believe. I’m not entirely sure that “He Helped Stave Off A Great Depression” isn’t a bad plank to run on.
Also, those of us who book TV stations can help him by continuing to book Reince Priebus, the typographical error who heads up the Republican National Committee. Because, wow. If this guy was any more obviously a dope, they’d sell him by the ounce.

This week, my twenty-year old son and I watched the 2 hour movie ‘Game Change’ at HBO and he said ‘Wow! simply wow. Are there any more movies/documentaries like this mom that I can watch/share with my friends? It is really enlightening on how big a disaster was averted because so many people decided to participate and do the right thing”. True folks, it scares me to my core to think how much damage Sarah- ‘The bull shit artist’ was capable of and how very narrowly USA and the rest of the world dodged that bullet. So every week from now until election day, TDPP will devote one post exclusively to share President Obama’s message and his accomplishments. Even if these posts touch one soul, make him/her more aware of the right decisions, it would be so much more worth it. So please feel free to pass/share this post to your friends/foes, dear/near, family/relatives, strangers/acquaintances….


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