Good Luck To My Son And His Team

As all/most of you know/heard from my son on his medical volunteering trip to Panama, South America today.

Thanks to all your wishes, prayers, encouragements, support and donations in cash and kind. God Bless You All! For Your Generosity And Good Heart!

To the young folks from McMaster Global Brigades, you are all an inspiration…….. 


Celebrate Earth Day- 2012

A humble appeal to all friends of TDPP.

Please consider conserving electricity,  petrol, natural gas or any/all type of energy you can for at least an hour on Earth day, this Sunday, April  22, 2012. I personally will be switching off all media-devices and electric-devices at my home from 9am to 9pm my time tomorrow. So, if you do not receive any response from my mobile, home-phone or email/bbm messages, you know why. Planning to catch up on some reading and some gardening, weather permitting of course….

To My Friends: One Of My Greatest Blessings!..(part 1)

What Is A Friend?
A friend is someone always there
in the back of your mind,
providing feelings of comfort and security.
A friend is someone
who adds happy sparkle to your life,
joy, fun, a predictable creator of happiness.
A friend is a stormproof shelter
from life’s challenges, troubles, uncertainties,
an unassailable bond overcoming any challenge,
strengthening the connection in the process.
You are all this and more, my friend.
Thank you./ By Joanna Fuchs

While I recall the names of several of my school friends and some memories that we made together, the bond that strings me more fondly is with three of my high school friends. SK who was my classmate for 2 years,  JMS who was with me at the hostel for a year and CAA with whom I barely spent few months at the hostel.  This was the 1980’s. After graduation, SK and I moved to different universities but were in the same city and kept in touch. JMS moved to a different city a year later for her higher studies and kept in touch. CAA moved to Canada and we all lost touch with her.

Few years later, SK and JMS attended my wedding in 1989, JMS and I attended SK’s wedding in 1990, but none of us had heard any news from CAA. Thereafter, SK moved to USA in early- 90’s JMS moved to USA in mid-90″s and I moved to Canada in 2000. Through out our moves and our busy schedules  JMS and I stayed in touch (the last time we met in person was probably in 1997-98). Since 2000, we’ve been holding each others hands, laughing, sharing, crying and encouraging almost on a daily basis.

SK and I also stayed in touch and we met last in India in 1997. CAA was long gone from our lives but not from JMS’s or my memory. We would often think and talk about her and her lovely smile. I had but only one picture of CAA, which I brought along with my other treasured pictures to Canada.  I tried several times to find her in Canada, but couldn’t trace her. I would jokingly tell JMS that one day I might just lose my patience and  publish the picture in the local newspapers to try to find her. My only hesitation was respect for the privacy of the other family members of CAA who were in that picture as well. But CAA was always there at the back of my mind.

Anyhoo, fast forward to 2012: early this month, SK and her family came to Toronto and I met with her, after 15 years. One look, one touch and one hug from my friend and the years of gap were instantly bridged.  I loved the few hours I could spend with her lovely family, her husband- a warm, gracious and very thoughtful person and her adorable sons who filled my heart with great joy.

Then, the very next day, JMS called me to say that she found CAA on Linked-in. I couldn’t believe my ears and without wasting a moment left a voicemail message and sent an email to her.  That night around 8pm, CAA made the phone-call that would melt away 25 years of gap/silence between us almost instantly. CAA and JMS also connected with each other the same night. We three realized that even though there were several years of non-communication we were linked by some unknown bonding.  CAA also entered into matrimony in 1989 like I did and  her son shares the same name as JMS’s son. And, yes all three of us are blessed with sons and no, we never ever discussed marriage or children during the brief time we all spent together.

Now, I am looking forward to meeting CAA (after 25 years) and her family just as much as I am looking forward to meet JMS (after 15 years) and also for a day when the three of us can meet, laugh, hug again and maybe also jump up and down if not dance together……

What a day that would be!