He Came, He Worked (Tirelessly) & He Conquered

Dear GK, you did Gr8! KUDOS! Seems like it was just yesterday that you called me all the way from India to convey the lovely news of your achievement in grade 12. And last night after almost a decade, you exhibited the same good nature, love and respect in your email: “Aunty M, I passed my Doctoral defense today and I’ll be conferred the Ph.D. in Engg. on May 5th. Please book your tickets and come over to Tenessee. There’s going to be lots of food and fun and its the Country Music capital of the world. We really want you and Shiva to come down to Cookeville for our graduation and make it a memorable occasion”. Boy oh boy,…what a feeling it is to know that our young ones are not only achieving great things but are still rooted in the same values they were taught as kids. Your parents did a fantastic job on you, my boy and my wishes will always be with you. God Bless You Abundantly!


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