Some Say Love..

…..for me, my motivation/endurance comes from the feeling  in my bones when I see the tiny plant that I transplanted (from the mother plant or from the seeds) starting to show signs of making it on its own; when the tiny birds still fluttering/balancing  but repeatedly trying to suck the honey from the honey-suckle flowers in my yard; when the birds fly by the bird-feeder and try to swoop a few seeds in their beaks and I sayyyyyyyyy LOVE.


Fantastic Audio-Feast

I think I am in lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeee! Oh yes, again! I’ve been listening to this composition so many times this week it is a wonder that my son hasn’t ran out of the house….Too bad they couldn’t get it all in one shot.. I’m planning to soak myself in this feast..

So Very Thankful To Friends of TDPP….

Here are some of your wishes and prayers that my son kept close to his heart all through his journey, along with some of your comments upon his return…….

hai goodboy, good idea to have a mobile clinic in a place where it is needed. Me and Avva wish u all success to ur team effort and all of u will have a firsthand information about organizing, implementing a medical assistance effort, hope this experience will go a long way in ur future efforts also. A work started with a good idea, will always have the blessings from God.. BEST OF LUCK..

CONGDS..many many wishes for ur success in this trip and for fruitful usage of this trip to ur future..GOD BLESS U good boy!!

Dear Shiva,
You are absolutely right about your mom. She is very proud of you and your achievements. I count myself very fortunate to know you since you were a very young boy. I’m extremely proud of you and at the same time very happy for you.
I wish you a great and successful trip and looking forward to news from you.
With many prayers for your safe return: JA

All the best Shiva.
I am sure you will make M and all of us proud.
Have a great trip and achieve what all you wanted to.
Our best wishes and prayers are always there for you JK

Hi Shivu
that is great. Proud of you. Keep it up. Waiting to see you as a full fledged doctor.
Do plan a trip to Dubai. Would love to have you with us for a few days, exclusively.
God bless you. Love you, appy

Dear Shivu
Wish you all the best. Am sure you are responsible enough to enjoy and still be careful.
We are proud of you and all the best to you.
God bless you. Be in touch when you GB

Hi Shiva thank very much for your kind information. God bless you> Make this trip a success.take care of best wishes bye CT

dear Shivu, my child, god bless you in all aspects, have a nice trip and enjoy
take care of yourself wherever you are and utilise this good opportunity to your success. bye for now,
with love, raji aunty

Dear Shiva,
You are most welcome and may the Good Lord bless you and keep you safe and grant you all the desires of your heart according to His will. Take care and would love to see you when you return.
With love,
Nangai Aunty

Thanks so much Shiva, congrats what an experience you will have! Yes, I am interested in donating and will likely just give cash to your mom from me. Cheers and good luck!! Nancy

Hi Shiva
Proud of you and your mom. “Thai ettu adi panja kutti 16 adi payumam “.
Will donate online for the cause. Will be nice if you all can do something like this in India too.

Hi Shiva,
Thanks for the update. Glad you had a nice trip and a memorable experience. And your words are beautiful too. Very nice to see young people like you doing good things and spreading goodwill.
Best regards, GR

Hi Shiva,
What a beautiful email. No wonder your mom is so proud of you. I will definitely donate money to the wonderful cause you are on when I can. I will be following your project with interest. Sorry for the late reply.Pat

Shiv, what a wonderful experience, thank you for the pictures and for the trip narrative you sent in the previous email. I took great pleasure reading it and looking at the pictures. All I can say is that you are a wonderful young man, and one day soon you will make a fine doctor!!! Mommy must be soooo proud of you!!
Big hugs, CI

Hello Shiva,
Thank you for very impressive pictures. I can’t tell you enough how proud I’m of you. Way to go!
With many warm regards Judith Albert

All the best Shiva.Please give my best regards to your mom from me.
Looking forward to hear from you.With many regards and blessings,- J

Wow, thanks Shiv. You’re an inspiring young man. I really appreciate seeing the photos.
May you continue to follow your heart’s path. (And get some rest when you can.)

Hi Shiva,
Congratulations on a life changing, great trip……..glad you made it home safely.
Thanks for the email, take care,

Dear Shivu
Great job. Proud of you. It is indeed momentous and once in a life experience.
Wish you all the best, love bala

Dear Shiva,
What a heartwarming story! I want to tell you that I’m very happy you are back home. It’s very exciting that you participated in such a wonderful project in Panama. I’m definitely proud of you! My injury is slowly healing and despite ongoing physiotherapy I’m starting to be active in real estate again. Please let keep me informed in the future when you will participate in some similar projects. I’d definitely be glad to help.
Sending many warm regards to your mom and you, your friend Judith

Hi Shiv
Great experience, indeed it is when we learn some truths of life.
We are all proud of u. Not everyone gets a chance and many dont make use of the oppurtunities given.
You have really made use of the oppurtunity well. congrats.
God bless you
love JK

Very Proud Of My Son……..

Here is what he shared about his med-volunteering at Panama City.

Hello everyone!
Thank you for all of your kind wishes and donations! I returned to Canada from my Panama trip safely this week (Week of May 7/2012). I could probably spend another week on my bed, but duty calls….

Overall, this trip had been a life changing and valuable experience! With a total of 34 students and 2 volunteer physicians from Toronto/Waterloo area, the MGMB group travelled to the rural Guagaco area in the Darien Province of Panama where we operated a medical clinic in 2 different communities. In addition, we also embarked on the local sustainable Public Heath projects such as building concrete latrines for the villagers.. With the help of all of your generous donations, we were able to supply approximately 700 kg worth of medications and medical supplies from Canada to the people in rural Panama. Please consider this a personal thank you note for helping make this possible.

Being able to interact with these patients on a one-one-one basis and to assist doctors in treating them gave me a valuable information and gratifying admiration for the field of medicine and community service. Through this experience, I learned not only about medicine and healthcare but also to appreciate all the daily blessings that I used to take for granted. Many of the adults and children that I met every day at the clinic and during the ‘village visits’ had very little but almost always had a big, heart-warming smile and seemed genuinely happy to welcome us into their lives. To be able to help such people on an essential, basic level such as health care has been very rewarding for me. So, once again, thanks to all of you: friends and family for making it possible!

Here are some pictures. Thank you once again for all of your help!



Mother’s note: While some days he makes me tear my hair out, he is such a joy and blessing to me. So thankful to God and for all your wishes and prayers!