Very Proud Of My Son……..

Here is what he shared about his med-volunteering at Panama City.

Hello everyone!
Thank you for all of your kind wishes and donations! I returned to Canada from my Panama trip safely this week (Week of May 7/2012). I could probably spend another week on my bed, but duty calls….

Overall, this trip had been a life changing and valuable experience! With a total of 34 students and 2 volunteer physicians from Toronto/Waterloo area, the MGMB group travelled to the rural Guagaco area in the Darien Province of Panama where we operated a medical clinic in 2 different communities. In addition, we also embarked on the local sustainable Public Heath projects such as building concrete latrines for the villagers.. With the help of all of your generous donations, we were able to supply approximately 700 kg worth of medications and medical supplies from Canada to the people in rural Panama. Please consider this a personal thank you note for helping make this possible.

Being able to interact with these patients on a one-one-one basis and to assist doctors in treating them gave me a valuable information and gratifying admiration for the field of medicine and community service. Through this experience, I learned not only about medicine and healthcare but also to appreciate all the daily blessings that I used to take for granted. Many of the adults and children that I met every day at the clinic and during the ‘village visits’ had very little but almost always had a big, heart-warming smile and seemed genuinely happy to welcome us into their lives. To be able to help such people on an essential, basic level such as health care has been very rewarding for me. So, once again, thanks to all of you: friends and family for making it possible!

Here are some pictures. Thank you once again for all of your help!



Mother’s note: While some days he makes me tear my hair out, he is such a joy and blessing to me. So thankful to God and for all your wishes and prayers!


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