Helping President Obama This Week

Nest time someone opens their trap on what a big spender PBO is, feel free to tape stick this chart chart to their forehead.


One thought on “Helping President Obama This Week

  1. Nothing to brag about here. It is spelt as a.u.s.t.e.r.i.t.y. And it is working out so awesome in Europe right?

    And there was the recent job report. It was so bad that even the lame stream media couldn’t spin it. Remember when they tried to brain wash us with “green shoots”, “hey recovery started. Jobs will follow -“lagging” indicator in Newspeak) etc just like Obama admin?
    Connecting the dots, once again, austerity NEVER works.
    Wonder if Team Obama will brag if he is fired in November thanks to the fallout from European and/or US austerity.

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