Advanced Father’s Day Wishes

To my father who is a great role model & source of inspiration to not only to us, his children but also to his grandchildren, – to my brother, my cousin-brothers (by blood & marriage), my uncles and also

– to  the dearest friends of TDPP (in alphabetical order), Abi (who has been tirelessly fulfilling both roles of a mother and father to his 3 kids and to his wife since early last year), Anna, Andrew, Anthony, Balaji, Bharath, Dr. Ars, Ed, Joe, Joy, Kalyan, Keith, Ken, Michael (Auz), Micheal (Canada), Milton, Mr Mumx3 , Sangary and Umesh…..

……..and ofcourse to PBO, all of whom have demonstrated to be wonderful fathers and role models that I have been blessed to know and interact with in this life. They each have unique parenting story: one of perseverance, patience, proud moments and also so many unashamed tears…………………..some shed openly and most shed inwardly, all for the well being of their ‘crowning glory’- their child(ren). God Bless You All!


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