Dear TDPP Friends: Can You Please Spare A Prayer For Bianca?

I have never seen Bianca, not even a photograph. But through her mom- Judith, I’ve been cheering/wishing/praying for key moments of her life these past twelve years: -her marriage, her first time home, her child-care business, her first born Matthew and then her younger son James. You see, her mother Judith is one of my steadfast friends from my early days in Canada.  Judith is one of those unique and wonderfully helpful person.

There has not been a single X-mas time without Judith’s thoughtful card wishing my son Shiv and me. Even though we moved several times – she kept pace with us. She is a trusted friend, well-wisher, my real-estate agent and my cheerleader.  Both Judith and Bianca were immigrants like Shiv & me except they came maybe a decade or so earlier than us. Since coming here, Judith as a single mother worked so hard for her beloved daughter Bianca.

Yesterday,  I got an email from Judith, stating that her beautiful, courageous and hardworking daughter suddenly took ill and will be undergoing surgery within weeks. I know not anything more nor do I need to know anything more. I will and I know you all will too keep Bianca closer to your hearts in your prayers. Please, please, please, pray for Bianca!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Cami says:

    M:, my heart goes out to Judith! I will pray for Bianca to have a successful surgery and to get well soon. Her mom and children will be in my prayers as well!
    Cami/ Sent from my iPhone

  2. J says:

    My prayers for her…

  3. MCT says:

    dear M:
    i have prayed fro Bianca and will keep doing so
    bless you- MCT

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