Let Me Finish…

So many dreams so little time. So many wishes so little energy. So many desires and so little drive. Those were my thoughts when 2012 rolled in. But as always this year has been full of blessings and thankfully I was able to pull through, sustain my energy, keep up the drive and find creative ways to make time.

And today with more than 5+ weeks to the end of the year, I am happy to state that all my wish list for 2012 have realized sans 2 issues. I finished my PMP certification, settled well into a new team, kept myself challenged at work, completed a stone-patio in the backyard, bought some stuff for the home at very very reasonable & competitive prices, connected with some good friends from the past, rejoiced with you all: my priceless friends, developed some raggedy-taggedy network all over again, helped Shiv with his international volunteering, supported his MCAT preparations and gave him a surprise 21st birthday party last week.

The 2 wishes that did not materialize turned out to be greatest blessings in disguise at least for the present time. Sometimes we know not what we know not. And that ignorance is as they say, the greatest bliss! So on that note too I am deeply satisfied, thankful and so very happy. And one more……

Happy 47th Wedding Anniversary Wishes To My Parents

Here is wishing you all the joyful holiday season and peaceful family time! Thanks for walking along with me, love you all, see you in the New Year!!

.…and let me finish with this………..


Happy 21st Birthday To My Son

Darling, I’ve been so very blessed to have you in my life. All through the various turbulent changes in your very early, formative years you were my greatest inspiration and motivation. The absolute trust you had and still have in me is so very humbling, my son. From the shy, cute kid who would hold on to my dress to the young and dashing man who hugs me close to your shoulders, you have stood tall and strong by my side. Every step of the way these twelve years you have demonstrated great passion and determination for your goals. You are a man now, my son, go out, conquer your dreams and make/LIVE your life in the way you want but  always without compromising your soul, my darling son! And always remember that your amma will be by your side cheering, goading, laughing, crying, smiling, clapping, wishing.praying for you.

Here is wishing that you achieve all your goals and get all the blessings that you deserve and much more in the years to come, my darling son!

Memorial Day- Take A Moment To Reflect..

Among the many indelible pictures that haunt me when I think of military or veterans, the foremost is this. This picture like so many others certify that wearing the uniform is not all always about strength, power, combat, victory, brutality but a much more deeper understanding of self and sacrifice: both of others and their own.

TDPP saluts all persons in uniform all over the world, active or retired who give/gave up so much of their own just so the rest of us can sleep peacefully, live freely and go about our daily routines without a hitch.

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Yesterday I happened by chance to catch this movie on TV. Do check this one out, I can guarantee that your perception WILL broaden…

A Bright Shining Lie (1998):

True story of Army man John Paul Vann, whose military success provided him the fulfillment he never found in his personal life.

In this movie one of the memorable lines is when John Paul Vann tells a reporter that being at war is more than the fight, it includes the children, the women, the paddy fields..and the community…(I’m paraphrasing, so while the words may not be exact, the spirit is).

The tag line of the movie is: In war as in life the difference between truth and deception is what a man allows himself to believe.

Happy Memorial Day/ Happy Veterans Day

Time For (Late Night) Election Special Chuckles

“Congratulations to President Obama on being reelected president of the United States. Turns out it is not all bad news for the Republicans. It seems that depression is covered by Obamacare.” –Jay Leno

“In his victory speech last night, President Obama told his daughters that they would not be getting another dog. When asked why, the president said, ‘Because I just made Mitt Romney my bitch.” –Conan O’Brien

“Some Republicans are taking it hard. Clint Eastwood spent the entire day buying drinks for an empty bar stool.” –David Letterman

“The long national nightmare is finally over. We have expressed our will at the polls. The results have been tallied and we proved once again that American democracy is alive and well — even if Florida was more confused than an old person with an iPhone.” –Craig Ferguson

“The presidential election is that special time every four years when Americans gather around their TVs to be reminded where the states are on a map.” –Jimmy Kimmel

“Trump is not giving up. When it was announced that President Obama easily won the Electoral College, Trump demanded to see Obama’s Electoral College records.” –Jay Leno

“Keep in mind, this was no landslide, folks. It was like a 51-49er. Just because Obama won these blue states up here, he’s the president of all of them now? Look, Romney won all that red stuff. Why don’t we elect our president on square footage? Because Romney won some big states, folks, whole damn south.” –Stephen Colbert

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