Memorial Day- Take A Moment To Reflect..

Among the many indelible pictures that haunt me when I think of military or veterans, the foremost is this. This picture like so many others certify that wearing the uniform is not all always about strength, power, combat, victory, brutality but a much more deeper understanding of self and sacrifice: both of others and their own.

TDPP saluts all persons in uniform all over the world, active or retired who give/gave up so much of their own just so the rest of us can sleep peacefully, live freely and go about our daily routines without a hitch.

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Yesterday I happened by chance to catch this movie on TV. Do check this one out, I can guarantee that your perception WILL broaden…

A Bright Shining Lie (1998):

True story of Army man John Paul Vann, whose military success provided him the fulfillment he never found in his personal life.

In this movie one of the memorable lines is when John Paul Vann tells a reporter that being at war is more than the fight, it includes the children, the women, the paddy fields..and the community…(I’m paraphrasing, so while the words may not be exact, the spirit is).

The tag line of the movie is: In war as in life the difference between truth and deception is what a man allows himself to believe.

Happy Memorial Day/ Happy Veterans Day

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