Let Me Finish…

So many dreams so little time. So many wishes so little energy. So many desires and so little drive. Those were my thoughts when 2012 rolled in. But as always this year has been full of blessings and thankfully I was able to pull through, sustain my energy, keep up the drive and find creative ways to make time.

And today with more than 5+ weeks to the end of the year, I am happy to state that all my wish list for 2012 have realized sans 2 issues. I finished my PMP certification, settled well into a new team, kept myself challenged at work, completed a stone-patio in the backyard, bought some stuff for the home at very very reasonable & competitive prices, connected with some good friends from the past, rejoiced with you all: my priceless friends, developed some raggedy-taggedy network all over again, helped Shiv with his international volunteering, supported his MCAT preparations and gave him a surprise 21st birthday party last week.

The 2 wishes that did not materialize turned out to be greatest blessings in disguise at least for the present time. Sometimes we know not what we know not. And that ignorance is as they say, the greatest bliss! So on that note too I am deeply satisfied, thankful and so very happy. And one more……

Happy 47th Wedding Anniversary Wishes To My Parents

Here is wishing you all the joyful holiday season and peaceful family time! Thanks for walking along with me, love you all, see you in the New Year!!

.…and let me finish with this………..

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