It’s Bogi Time….

…… here’s to some purging, trashing and burning of unwanted stuff or in other words: BOGI !

TDPP will not share any angst/hand-wringing/trolling on PBO and his administration. You can call me partisan or what not, I’ve had enough of the ‘clutching the pearls and trips to the fainting couch’ every time PBO does something that is not acceptable to the so called progressives or aggressive-liberals. He is the President of all in the USA, not just the liberals. Should he have to make some compromises for the benefit of the really needy among us, he absolutely must. I trust him to and have full faith he will deliver, and that’s it!

Professionally, I have decided to sign up for the Lean Sigma courses. They compliment nicely with my PMP and I have about 2 hours time every evening from now until May-June when I would start gardening again. So I am working on how to combine reading and fitness schedules for every week-day evenings.

Personally, I have decided to burn my own copy of the ‘One Million Reasons’ for not working out/keeping fit and joined a gym membership in my local community centre this week. Planning to do 4-5 sessions/classes per week. I have full membership and that gives me unlimited access for 3 months and then I may go annual. Yes, I am aware of my resolution to master swimming, they have classes for that too, which I am hoping to benefit from.

I have also decided to start connecting with all the family members with whom I had kept a healthy, respectful distance thus far, or so I thought. But they are my family for a reason and I WILL make an effort to stay open and connected. Rest is up in the air, and that’s ok.

And most importantly, I have decided to CUT  & PURGE  my umblical cord and let my son direct his life in all aspects, determine all the steps/decisions/actions he needs to take to achieve what he wants, no more mama-meddling! Just to stay back, be supportive and wait.

Whew, I know this will be the most hardest of all, but I’ve GOT to do this, he is now an adult and I have to respect him to make his decisions, make his share of mistakes, learn from his experiences and enrich his life. For after all it is HIS life.

So there you have it, my new avatar: PURGE GENIE, the New Year bursts out with a bang…shall we say?

update: edited slightly.

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  1. j says:

    Lol ! Happy purging

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