It’s In You !- A Post By KR From New Delhi

To all of you regulars JK from New Delhi is not unknown. Check out the Annual report of 2012 of this blog and you will note she is the top commentator, long time well-wisher and a dear friend. Today I had a chat with her husband KR, who has consented to share some of his thoughts and writings with TDPP. (The title and the picture have been inserted by me and before you word-polices start aiming for me, yes, I know the correct word should ‘belief’ in the picture, but I am too lazy to open my photo-editor to correct it, sorry, live with it!) Over the weekend I will re-design the main page to make room to capture KR’s posts as they become available. For now, enjoy!

Being aware of the reality and the way we relate to it is the basis for successful living. We need to have as high a frame of reference as possible so that we are able to have relationship with our whole life and are able to intuitively guide our life.  The energy that an individual is able to bring forth into his mind and deeds emanates from the GOD-SELF. In the Vedic Chantings – Chamakam the interpretation of all energies within is made by picking up individual wants and starting that they are within the individual

To have a successful living one must forget the past and believe in what you are now. The current moment is the only truth that prevails within you and helps you act. A state of harmonious living is produced when we are able to release the negativity towards others constantly and allow us to become part of the greater oneness. Conscious attempt to reach this level helps in achieving the same.

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