Secret Influences- A Post By MCT From Auz

Secret Influences


We are surrounded by spirits who are influencing our daily lives.

Most people don’t believe this, so they are being influenced without knowing about it, without being in control. Generally we don’t believe what we cant see, a silly position when you think it through, nevertheless the position so many have taken.

I say silly because everything that is important in life, every major decision we make in our own lives, comes from what we can’t see. Love for family drives us to make most decisions though love is unseen and unmeasured. Dreams drive so many entrepreneurs into creating amazing business and structures even though nobody can see a dream. Emotions drive the stock market, but who can see a feeling?

The spirits around us talk to us – they are some of the voices in our head. They are telling us to do things, they are planting fears, they are creating scenarios, they are using our imagination.

Occasionally there is a sighting – someone has seen a ghost, another has seen an evil spirit and yet another saw an angel. These are all valid sightings limited to a few people, but every one of us hears them, dreams them, imagines them.

Spirits fall into one of two camps; those who wish to do harm and those who wish to help. Since we cant see them and most of us cant distinguish between their voices, we have no idea who we are listening to.

The spirits who wish us harm don’t let us know that of course, otherwise we would ignore them. So they sound reasonable and logical and sneak in their bad advice without us knowing.

Some people, maybe some psychics for example, are able to tune into spirits more easily than others. Often they don’t distinguish between good and evil, often they innocently speak the words they hear assuming them to be helpful. They are encouraged by spirits to keep talking – the spirits make them feel important and special – they give them information about other people that they could not know to win their trust.

Some Christians also hear spirits and don’t distinguish between them. They can believe they are hearing God, or God’s Holy Spirit. Evil spirits are very good at imitating the Holy Spirit. This is why so many Christians have done such horrible things in the name of God – they believed the voices they heard were God’s and that is certainly what those voices told them.

Evils spirits want to lead us astray. They want to cause harm, to separate, to seek revenge, to fuel anger, to cause disruption. Ultimately they want to kill, as history shows us.

The Bible warns us not to listen to spirits at all, for this reason. When we go ahead and listen anyway, the Bible asks us to test them, especially a spirit who profers to be the Holy Spirit. We should also test anything anyone tells us that they believe is from a Spirit, especially from the Holy Spirit.

How can we test?

The more we come to know God as He truly is, the more we are able to distinguish between what he says and what he would never say. God is love; patient and kind, forgiving and peace loving. God will always direct us to forgive each other, to love each other, to make peace with each other.

We should be receiving teaching from the Christian church on this subject, but there is division; one group says that there are no spirits and they do not speak and the other group listens to any spirits without discernment and passes on rubbish as well as good.

So I am asking you to take care. Seek the Holy Spirit only. When you hear Him, test him. Ask who he is – for some reason evil spirits cannot directly say that they are from Christ – this is a safeguard. They will leave.

If it is the Holy Spirit he will remain and continue to communicate with you. When he has finished, ask yourself – do you feel uplifted? Do you feel encouraged? Do you feel loved? Is the information leading you to resolve conflicts or create them? To heal wounds or gouge? To make peace or war? To love or to harm?

Jesus came to set us free, not to bind us. He made peace not war. He forgave his enemies as well as his friends. He loves indiscriminately.

We humans tend to project our own ideas and beliefs onto others as well as onto God. We make Christ like us. But we don’t have to – Christ sends His Spirit to those who love him and obey his commands to guide us to truth so that we may become more like him.



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