To JK & KR:Belated Wedding Anniversary Wishes

Your anniversary marks the day
When you both said “I do.”
The two of you became as one,
A marriage bright and new.

Now time has passed; your love is strong;
You passed the early test.
Your tender bond grows with passing time;
Your marriage is the kind that’s best!

Even though this message comes to you a little late, the wish it brings for happiness is good on any day date. Many, many happy belated anniversary wishes. Bountiful Blessings Be Yours!



Stopping To Smell The Flowers- A Post By KR


Spent the last fortnight with a bit of travel and spending time with relatives and friends. Tiruchy (in the middle of Tamil Nadu, India) visits are always a rush affair with a tight morning to evening schedule and rushing off from the town in the night. Visit to the temples gives us a satisfaction that cannot be explained. Have always wondered why this happens. Have had some elders (read pious old ladies) explain it as the serenity that you find in the places of worship. Have wondered how true can this be, with people all over the place and all the ambient noise what with bells ringing, people chatting and the priests hurrying through the poojas. And yet came back after every trip feeling a little more happier, a little more comfortable and a little more satisfied. This trip was different for more than one reason. The day was special.  27th wedding anniversary – thanks JK for sticking it out with me. With no annual target riding on the head was able to observe and enjoy every bit of it. The usual crowds of the week-end were not there (it was a Tuesday). Even the priests seemed to do the poojas at a much more relaxed pace. The time spent in the temples was not any different but felt that we got more time from God. Funny when you think that God always has all the time that you want from him. It is we who do not have the time for him! (MCT:  I really enjoyed your musings on prayer in your post titled ‘Presents’).


Spent some time at Bangalore meeting people almost after 2 decades. The warmth that they showed and the fact that you are remembered is one of the greatest feelings. G & K made it easier by making us feel at home at their place. And then back to home base Delhi after 4 weeks. Home never felt sweeter.


Looking back at the four weeks, the time spent with parents and with friends and family I realise what is “stopping to smell the flowers” is all about. Over the last three decades of work life it was always about spending “quality time”. Quality time as I was taught was about making every minute that you spend together worth the while. I now believe that quality time has to be defined as spending time doing things that you want to do and not just doing things that you want to do when you get the time. “Stopping to smell the flowers” was something that I always thought was a waste of time not adding the kind of value that I wanted out of life. How wrong have I been? To be able to take time out and spend it usefully doing things that you want to do gives you energy. And I realised these four weeks that it not only gives you energy but also energises the people around you when you do it whole heartedly rather than as a chore. Do what you want to do and when you want to do it. Enjoy life when it is still blooming.


TDPP note: lightly edited for emphasis


To My Mom, My Inspiration: Happy Birthday!

Some mothers are kissing mothers and some are scolding mothers, but it is love just the same, and most mothers kiss and scold together.  ~Pearl S. Buck

My mom would not hesitate to scold me even now across oceans and continents especially when it comes to all matters related to my son. And then she would promptly start cajoling and pleading with him to not ruffle my feathers, nor create trouble for me and to take care of me…She makes my heart swell with pride and my eyes swell with tears just by uttering my name in the way that only she can and does: part exasperation and part inspiration!

Here’s wishing my mom good health, great hopes and wonderful days ahead as she eagerly awaits the graduation of both of her grandsons- my son this June and my nephew next February. May You Have Bountiful Blessings Amma!

Presents- A Post By MCT From Auz.

As a child I knelt down beside my bed, closed my eyes and asked God to look after mum and dad and nan and my little brother. As I grew I started adding requests – a new bike, that the lump in my mouth wasn’t cancer, and so on. This to me was prayer.

We seemed to pray that way in church also – the prayers were longer but we were always on our knees, always eyes closed, always asking God for things, lots of things including care for people overseas, people in wars, and so on.

That was the extent of my experiences with prayer.

I fell away from Church and God, lived a wild life for ten years, got sick and came close to death. Nobody knew what was wrong so I tried alternatives, they didn’t help either so I tried God. He had answers.

I had no teacher so I just read the Bible my own way, and tried to put what I read into practice. I memorised the ten commandments and repeated them and ploughed through them every day as I went for a jog. My health slowly improved, I returned to work, and kept my daily practices. The bible had come to life for me as I read it, and I was stunned by how much God revealed through it.

One day I realized that I had been praying all this time – eyes open, walking or jogging, in the car, on the train, at work. I saw that prayer is much, much more than only eyes closed on knees for ten minutes. I discovered that I had been praying for hours at a time. Sometimes all day long!

Prayer is when we come to God, come into his presence. We may come to ask for things, and we may also come to listen, or simply to be in his presence. I realized that’s why I love prayer so much – its where I focus on God, when I specifically come into his presence, and where I experience his love for me. Its also the place or the attitude where I read my Bible, and where God teaches me.

Maybe prayer is an attitude as much as it is a physical practice. For me the attitude most definitely is of coming into God’s presence.

As a child I used to think of God in heaven – a planet far away where he lived. One day, if I was really good, I would go to that planet after I died. I dont recall being taught that God is present, that we come into his presence, that he desires a close and personal relationship with us. Not that I was seeking a relationship. I just wanted to know him because I found that as I learned about God I also learned about myself. As I learned more about God I wanted to become more like him and that became a vision for me.

God offers us much more than life after death on his planet. If I read the Bible carefully I see the same message everywhere – when we love God, when we try to obey his commands, he comes to us, he remains with us, he guides and teaches us, he changes us. We can become more like God. We can possess his qualities.

Jesus referred often to another idea we often overlook– when we pray and align our will with God’s will, we experience his kingdom: “Your Kingdom Come” he taught his disciples to pray.

The question may be how can we do this? The answer is through prayer.

In prayer we come into God’s presence – we don’t have to speak we can simply “be”. Some find this hard to do – although we are human beings, we behave like human doings. Learning to be still and silent is called meditation by some and it is recognized for its qualities – learning to be still and silent in God’s presence is something altogether better.

In prayer we learn more about God and begin to align our thoughts with his thoughts, begin to love God and each other the way he loves us, begin to act in ways that are God like. Instead of bending God to our will we start to bend our will to God’s.

Prayer is where we exercise our God nature; I go to the gym to develop my physical self, I go to prayer to exercise my spiritual self. I eat three meals a day so I don’t starve my physical body, I need to go to prayer regularly and often every day so I don’t starve my spiritual body.  – MCT