Happy St.Patrick’s Day

I loved the google doodle. Check it out here or on any google.uk site.  It is lovely. To all Irish TDPP friends: Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Here’s a toast to some Irish humor from the Irishcentral.com

A System

Two paddies were working for the city public works department. One would dig a hole and the other would follow behind him and fill the hole in. They worked up one side of the street, then down the other, then moved on to the next street, working furiously all day without rest, one man digging a hole, the other filling it in again.

An onlooker was amazed at their hard work, but couldn’t understand what they were doing. So he asked the hole digger, ‘I’m impressed by the effort you two are putting in to your work, but I don’t get it — why do you dig a hole, only to have your partner follow behind and fill it up again?’

The hole digger wiped his brow and sighed, ‘Well, I suppose it probably looks odd because we’re normally a three-person team. But today the lad who plants the trees called in sick.’

Job interview

While being interviewed for a job, the personnel manager said to the Maguire brothers:
‘We’re going to give you a written examination. Ten questions. Whoever gets most right we’ll hire.’

Papers were produced and the boys set to work answering the general knowledge questions. When the time was up the personnel manager collected and marked the papers.

‘Well,’ said he, ‘you’ve both got nine out often, but I’m giving Mick the job.’

‘Why’s that?’ asked Pat.

‘Well,’ said the manager, ‘you both got the same question wrong but he had ‘I don’t know this’ and you had ‘Neither do I!’.

and finally…

What is an Irishman?

An Irishman is a man who…

May not believe there is a God, but is darn sure of the infallibility of the Pope…

Has great respect for the truth, he uses in emergencies…

Sees things not as they are but the way they never will be…..

Cries at sad movies, but cheers in battle….

Gets more Irish the further he gets from Ireland…..

Believes in civil rights, but not in his neighborhood…

Believes to forgive is divine, therefore doesn’t exercise it himself….

Loves religion for its own sake, but also because it makes it so inconvenient for his neighbors….

Scorns money, but worships those who have it…

Considers any Irishman who achieves success to be a traitor…

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