I’m Not A Superwoman- And That’s OK!

Sorry for the long silence on the blog-site. Corporate carrots literally drove me on a wild-goose chase. Also, my son is now home and riding shotgun with him kept me on high adrenalin.

I am now back to a steady and go-with-the-flow pace. It seems I like so many others have to run completely out of charge before the light bulb goes on. Anyhoooo, started a  walking club with my neighbours- out every Saturday morning for couple of hours. Cleansing the mind of ‘to-do-lists’ seems much harder than I thought…..

Thankfully, expecting some guests over the next few weeks. My son is graduating on June 13, 2013 and we are having a special guest from India for that occasion. I am taking few days off work to take my guest to Niagara and Ottawa. On July 1, 2013, a dear friend from Dubai is officially entering Canada with family on PR status. We’re awaiting their visit to our house too. So spring cleaning & sprucing up the rooms for company is ongoing every weekend.

Yard work still remains my number one solace: rescuing the wabbit-ravaged shrubs and babying the new plants are so calming … Thanks to the wascally wabbit  I’ve quite a handful to deal with. Also, completed the final touch on the stone patio: didn’t think that brushing down sand between stones would beat digging the soil….but it did! My hands kept doing that repeatedly while my mind was off gallivanting around the world. The last step of painting on the sealer was a different kind totally: a matter of control and precision….

So all in all, I’m back, peaceful, calm enough to watch a movie on TV without jumping up every so often to do a chore,  (that’s why I rarely go to movie-halls), ready to smell the flowers, take pictures, share/write about them..and while at it I thought I’ll change the appearance of the blog too…..ta-da!

ps: My personal affirmation: I am not a superwoman and that’s ok!




————————————————————————————————————————–Flanked by purple clematis and the pink bleeding-hearts is a picture of me working my yard in 2008, bringing in one of the first stones into my backyard. Will post a current picture in couple of weeks.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. KR says:

    Good to see you back on the blog. Was feeling a little empty the last 4 weeks!

  2. Hello Mahesh, I like it and I think that in a sense you are a superwoman! Judith

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