Should I Or Shouldn’t I? – Query By Michael

Note from Michael:  I have been writing these for many years now and some of you have received lots of my ramblings. It has always been my desire to publish my writings – I now have 6 books ready but cant break through. A thought is self publishing.
Attached is my personal favourite book. Would you mind reading at least a few pages and commenting? Should I persist? Is it rubbish? I’d rather know that I cant write than spend thousands of dollars to self publish and find out then!

At noon the golden sun is directly overhead punishing the desert with relentless fire, scorching everything that lives. That’s one reason Samantha was always alone as she climbed from Sychar to the foot of Mt Gerizem to fill her jar from Jacob’s well.

Her solitude allowed her to pray to the God of the Patriachs, the God of Jacob. She always felt different, better; filled after her prayers.

Samantha was restless. Something drove her to want more and no matter what she did that urge could not be satisfied. Her adventures had caused the women of town to cast her from their presence, the men were no longer allowed to be seen with her. She had become sad and lonely, resigned to her status as a recluse.

For her many sins she did feel sorry and repentant but nevertheless the uneasiness was never satisfied. And so she prayed for help as she drew her daily water from the well.

I read this story many times and had always assumed that Jesus accidentally stumbled upon the woman by the well, it was a revelation to see that this meeting was intentional, that Jesus was there to answer her prayers. In doing so Jesus loves her and his example of love is unique and this is one of the reasons I have come to regard the story so much.

Jesus love causes a change in Samantha, a radical change that impacts the whole town.

Anyone interested in Jesus Christ can find out more about him and his actions and impact on people through this story. We see what Jesus did in Samantha’s life and we can see what Jesus can do in our own life, depending upon our response to him.

Jesus is alive and at work in our lives now, God is not only an idea or a moral code or a worthy intellectual study, we can experience God changing us and as a result changing those around us, the a similar way to how Samantha changed those around her.


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