Sometimes The Greatest Joy Comes In Smallest Packages

Since January 2011, my son has been working at a fast pace to successfully complete his 4 years Honours program at the university, complete an international volunteering project, while working parttime at his university and volunteering at a local hospital on weekends. He was working his way towards the requirements of the ever-demanding medical schools. One day in frustration he burst out that he wished he had a dog. Being the practical but nurturing mom that I am, ahem, ahem I gave him a look that spoke volumes and left the room.

But I’ve been consulting other colleagues, friends and bus mates on various options. Owning a puppy was not feasible as no one is at home for well over 12 hours on weekdays. And just when I was checking into maybe fostering a puppy for few months during this summer vacation, CoCo walked into our lives.

She belongs to a friend of my son and as the whole family had to leave to Trinidad to arrange/attend their grandmother’s funeral, my son offered to help out with CoCo. She is a year old Yorkshire-terrier who is lavishing my son with so much love and devotion. Since she came in there is so much laughter and joy in our house and I am so very thankful for her and for life’s surprise and special treat for our family!

20130629_103110 20130629_102727

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  1. Bala says:

    We can feel the happiness and enjoyment as we read your post

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