Does This Make Me A Jerk…?

……..walked into my house last Friday to the sound of the telephone pealing. I picked it up and a lady voice identified herself as employee from a bank and asked for my son. I told her he wasn’t available and asked her what was it about so I could help her.

Her response was short in both message and temper: ‘Sorry ma’am due to privacy reasons I can’t tell you that’.

My response was: ‘OK, have a nice day’ at which she immediately asked: “Ma’am, when will he be available?”…

and my answer was…..yup, you guessed it..’Sorry lady, due to privacy reasons I can’t tell you that’.

Does this make me a jerk? I don’t know, but I felt very calm and thoroughly satisfied as I placed the receiver back onto its holder.

I sometimes feel that in these days of growing social-media and connectivity some of us (individuals and corporations) haven’t calibrated what to and how to handle privacy issues. Some of us knowingly or unknowingly share a lot of information on FB, Twitter, emails and phones with nary a thought on ‘how much is too much’. On the other hand, when a business calls on a client (new, existing or potential), they also don’t seem to understand ‘how little is too little’….  

Especially when one calls a residence or mobile number with the intention of speaking on a specific matter, I don’t think there is any harm in identifying the purpose of the call and requesting a call back as opposed to blindly spouting ‘privacy’ as a reason. Guess whose time and effort was wasted and will continue to get wasted……………….

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