Have You Said ‘Yes’ When You Really Wanted To Say ‘No’?

Guilty, guilty, guilty….I have lost count of the many times when I have lacked courage and took the easy way out and later suffered miserably. I’ve been hurt by so many experiences from just not having said ‘No’…simple 2 letter word that caused me so much grief just by lack of it. This has happened in school days, college days, adolescent days, adult days, while at India, here at Canada…simply put I was such a sucker, that even that word would be ashamed of me.

Recently, my friend JMS reminded me of this magic word and its greatness in its utter simplicity. Last night I tried it and boy oh boy, what a relief! Am a sucka n’more!

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  1. jaya says:

    True. Its time we learnt to say NO where needed. What do we call ourselves when we cannot say this, even though we know we r not doing the right thing

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