Fab @ 50s

I feel more alive and happy in my 50s than at any point in my life.  My friend AT and I agreed that having a Goldilocks-involvement with our children and not taking any moment for granted plays a BIG role in our happiness.

I own and operate a business, travel as I please, pursue hobbies as suits me, have lots of friends and family around, love the challenges of my profession- basically even my foot steps scream: “I am fabulous at 50s and no one can take this away!”

“Just a second mom”- butts in my son. He  dares me to overhaul my mind-parachute and explore possibilities for another relationship.

Most of you know how I handle a dare.  Here’s a toast to my new: ‘FAB @ 50’ project: –

If Shiv wins- he picks a country of his choice and I foot his travel bill. And should I win- he gets off my back on this issue – PERIOD!fabulous-50s-

Psssst: Anybody know good travel deals for early 2019?

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