Rake, Rake, Rake A Leaf….

Just few days ago, I caught this picture of the maple tree in my front yard: and today, it was ‘Rake, rake, rake a leaf gently down the lawn time. It took a good 45 minutes of raking both my neighbour’s and my yard for this pile up…Hah, the joys of gardening!

Fiery Fall In Full Glory

Here are some lovely fall pictures from in my neighbourhood today. And, yes I do intend framing some of these.

Sweet September: Fall Is Here

Pumpkins in the cornfields Gold among the brown Leaves of rust and scarlet Trembling slowly down Birds that travel southward Lovely time to play Nothing is as pleasant As an autumn day! Pretty leaves are falling down, Green, orange, yellow and brown. Here comes one colored red, It landed on my head. In autumn when…