There Is Not A Whole Lot Standing In My Way….

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This Week’s Inspiration

….you might have heard the song: “It’s love, it’s love, it’s love that makes the world go around”…..With schools closing in the last week of June, children on side-walks is a common sight in my neighbourhood- be it morning, noon or evening. Every evening while walking back from the bus stop, I always enjoy the lively yelling-laughing-screaming sounds, the kids on bike whistling by and the artsy-kids trying their hands with colourful chalks on our sidewalks and driveways.


For the past few (4-5) days, we have been in the grips of a severe heat-wave. And coming home after work, the silence on the hot barren roads was understandable but somewhat depressing , until I saw this. The lovely girl from that house is this week’s inspiration!
Simple words, simple deeds yet the thoughts behind are simply extraordinary! You rock lovely girl, you rock!!

CC Gals On The Move

…..and it’s official: The Chutty-Chetty gals have all signed in, 4 of us contesting and 1 gets the judging gavel. Her words are final and she has kicked off the contest. From July 22, 2013 to December 31, 2013 we strategise, work hard and document the results and then celebrate all our successes together. Yup, we the CC-gals are on a roll here….


Mr. President, Bring Them Home!

Published: July 9, 2013 at 6:55 AM

WASHINGTON, July 9 (UPI) — U.S. President Barack Obama, in tough talks with Hamid Karzai, may speed up U.S. troop withdrawal from Afghanistan and leave none behind, officials said.

The New York Times, quoting U.S. and European officials, reported talks with the Afghan president are frustrating Obama and as a result, the U.S. president is giving serious thought to bringing U.S. troops home before the end-of-2014 deadline and considering the “zero option,” which would leave no U.S. troops in the country, the newspaper said.

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And of course just bringing them home is not the be all, end all….it’s just another beginning of a very important phase of their lives…..-

and also shelter for those in need…..

2 Birds In Hand, 3 On Tree

My son is just poised to make the first important decision in his adult life. He applied to 6 med-schools, all south of the border, for his next step in education.  With God’s abundant blessing he has received admissions-letters from 2 med-schools, awaiting response from 3 more and handled 1 rejection all with grace that puts me to shame.

Sometime within the next few days he has to decide what path he would take…….Big decision to make and it is his to make, For the first time (among many more to come), I am on the sidelines: waiting, watching, praying, hoping ummmmmmmm & the hardest part- keeping my head in but hands off

Does This Make Me A Jerk…?

……..walked into my house last Friday to the sound of the telephone pealing. I picked it up and a lady voice identified herself as employee from a bank and asked for my son. I told her he wasn’t available and asked her what was it about so I could help her.

Her response was short in both message and temper: ‘Sorry ma’am due to privacy reasons I can’t tell you that’.

My response was: ‘OK, have a nice day’ at which she immediately asked: “Ma’am, when will he be available?”…

and my answer was…..yup, you guessed it..’Sorry lady, due to privacy reasons I can’t tell you that’.

Does this make me a jerk? I don’t know, but I felt very calm and thoroughly satisfied as I placed the receiver back onto its holder.

I sometimes feel that in these days of growing social-media and connectivity some of us (individuals and corporations) haven’t calibrated what to and how to handle privacy issues. Some of us knowingly or unknowingly share a lot of information on FB, Twitter, emails and phones with nary a thought on ‘how much is too much’. On the other hand, when a business calls on a client (new, existing or potential), they also don’t seem to understand ‘how little is too little’….  

Especially when one calls a residence or mobile number with the intention of speaking on a specific matter, I don’t think there is any harm in identifying the purpose of the call and requesting a call back as opposed to blindly spouting ‘privacy’ as a reason. Guess whose time and effort was wasted and will continue to get wasted……………….

Bursting Bubbles- A Post By Michael From Auz

Bursting bubbles.

 My car boiled over on the way to work and I had to leave it whilst I wondered what to do. Later that day I called a mobile mechanic who was able to fix it the following day, but very sadly he told me that the part that broke is made of plastic when it should be metal.

Apparently there are many more parts in the heating system that are plastic and sure enough, two weeks later another one broke and I had to get him back again to replace it.

 The car is a VW Golf, 9 years old, a car and brand that I thought was high quality. I had forgiven many of its failures in the past but this is the final straw; my bubble burst. The perceived quality of my Golf is due to design and inside the soft touch materials used compared with other makes of similar price. However to remain competitive it seems that VW have cut costs in areas I don’t see, areas that will last under warranty but not much longer. (For example, we’ve replaced the gearbox twice, both times outside warranty).

I know this seems very petty; its just a car after all so let me explain; I thought I knew better. I was a car nut, I have read car magazines ever since I could read. I know (almost) all there is to know about cars, and almost every make and model on sale today. I’m not sure what my fascination has been, but certainly I know quite a lot and had considered myself an enthusiast. Also, the first car I purchased was the first Golf that VW ever made, and I loved it to pieces, so years later when the time came to get a car for our daughter and son the choice seemed obvious.

Now I feel that I’ve been hoodwinked. I believed the hype. Maybe my first Golf was well engineered and high quality but now they only look that way – I’ve been fooled by appearances. What I believed about VW has now changed in light of new information. I thought that they made beautifully designed and engineered cars built to last. Now I think they make well designed cars built to win the beauty contest in the showroom. I had created my beliefs based around facts, but also I realise that I had focused only on good news and had glossed over the bad.

The reason I am making such a big deal of this is that I had a strongly held belief that has turned out to be incorrect. And therefore I question other strongly held beliefs and wonder how many others are also incorrect?

I have strongly held beliefs about God and Jesus Christ. Are they correct? The Golf is just a car I drive and one day I’ll discard, God is my life and I am committed forever. In reality there are many more people in the world who don’t believe what I believe. so based on the weight of numbers I could be wrong. I want t o know the truth – if God is real he will stand up to scrutiny. I am certain that I can question God and question what I believe about God without fear.

 I want to know God as he really is, not just as I imagine him to be and not some made up bunch of ideas of my own. I believe God is in heaven and that those who love him and obey his commands will join him there. I believe I understand His commands and I try to obey them.

I don’t want to have my heaven bubble burst when its too late to do anything about it!