To My Cousin J & Her Hubby

  May November prove to be lucky every year and bring lots of love and prosperity with your little one’s presence. Congratulations to the parents and grandparents of Baby Rithik and most importantly to Big Brother Nikhil!

This Is For Apple-Nova

Last X-mas hols, Apple-Nova visited us along with her sister. She was content sitting in the snow making snow-man all by herself. She took a carrot from me and stuck it into the snow man and right on time the Wascally-wabbit ate it all up. She was so happy to to hear his tales. And…

Happy 1st Birthday

,,,to the lovely, schweet ‘highly learned one’…little Zuhaib! God Bless You Abundantly!

Congrats To My Cousin CK

………………………………..and to her husband!! May He Fill Your Hearts With Abundant Joy And Peace On Behalf Of His Sister Too….

Adorable Young Presidential Scholar

What is choooooo adorable is that not only can this cute tot say the famous/infamous quotes, he is also able to enact the same tone and body language. I loved the way he goes very slow for Ronald Reagan and then shakes his shoulders for George W Bush and finally for our main man, he…

Baby Mysteries

Saw this in yahoo today: ‘Houston we have a baby’: The couple, who had been told they could not have children, last year adopted a boy from Ukraine. Three months after he came to live with them in Houston, Rebecca Bresnik learned she was pregnant. One of my childhood friend also went through similar situation….

Sweet September: Behold The B(ey)oncing Baby

Ready everyone..? ..Start music, start count, one and two and here we GO….. Oh yes kiddo, whether you are two, twenty two or forty two, Beyonce  will do that to you…….Get used to it kiddo,you are gonna  swing n shake your booty a  lot more, for sure!! h/t: T.O.Night, Toronto