Obamacare Works

seek peeps, seek and ye shall find it all…..With this single significant achievement alone, he has served and saved millions! What a blessing! All the grumbling critics will crumble away when they seek the medical attention they need without declaring bankruptcy or losing their mind worrying about the mounting expenses. What a blessing indeed!

Congrats Mr. President

Hearty Congrats Mr.President, Enjoy Your Day And Your Upcoming Achievements: So Many Hopes And Eyes Are On You!


My favourite picture from last year This picture from the White House photographer Pete Sousa is my favourite picture of 2012. It evokes so many different kinds of emotions in me: love, compassion, joy, contentment, confidence, admiration, pride and above all partnership. The look on PBO’s face as he sits back watching MO’s expressions, the…

And The Real Winner….

…..is the US-electorate which endured the onslaught of millions of $$ that some grubby, greedy and not to mention rabid-crazy threw at it. And ever so patiently,  the electorate showed up, waited patiently for lonnnnnnnnggggggg hours and kicked their million-$$-asses royally! USA! USA! USA!….. And now for some more cheering… Congrats To Mr. President &…

One More Time About That Enthusiasm Gap For PBO

President Obama delivering his last political rally in the very place where he made his first public appearance announcing his candidature for the election for 44th POTUS. H/t The Obama Diary

And The Winner Is…….

…..with more than 50 hours to go before the first official results (expected at 7:30pm) from the eastcoast, TDPP is now able to declare that the winner of the race for WH-2012 is…. Advance Congratulations Mr. President, You Are An Inspiration. And Now Please Continue To Fight Harder Than Ever Before, For Your Work Is…

Go Vote! It’s Your Civic Duty…..

…….. Here let the children explain it to you.. And here are some children from Ron Clark Academy, four years ago… hear them speak so eloquently on issues, luv them all! These children reassure us that there is a lot of hope for USA’s future….Just go vote already: it is a blessing, a right and…