Vacationing Out Of One’s Mind

….Thanks to Charlie Pierce for this apt phrase….

Here’s a bit of ‘setting the scene’ as TBOGG would say:

A female assistant works for a dentist for about 10 years when he suddenly wakes up to the fact that she is ATTRACTIVE, oops make it TOO ATTRACTIVE and not only that, she is a THREAT: wait, what you ask…yup, threat indeed, to his marriage. So he fires her, she sues him for discrimination and he testifies to the court that the firing was not due to performance but due to her attractiveness. And the court rules……

The Court wrote:

“It is abundantly clear that a woman does not lose the protection of our laws prohibiting sex discrimination just because her employer becomes sexually attracted to her, and the employer’s attraction then becomes the reason for terminating the woman once it, in some way, becomes a problem for the employer. If a woman is terminated based on stereotypes related to the characteristics of her gender, including attributes of attractiveness, the termination would amount to sex discrimination because the reason for termination would be motivated by the particular gender attribute at issue.”

Despite this admission, the justices claimed Nelson was fired not because of gender attributes but because of facts surrounding her relationship with Knight, including several comments he made about her clothing and the fact that the two would text each other outside of work hours.

So if a woman is attractive and her married boss makes comments about her clothing and texts her outside of work hours, he is RIGHT to fire her!

D’oh de dum da, d’uh de dum da, d’uh de dum da, d’uh de dum da, d’uh de dum da….


Helping President Obama This Week

…… all of the Obama campaign staffers, supporters, politicians and bloggers oh yeah including me….one man simply stole the show this week helping PBO in a way no one else can possibly do at this point in time, And that fantastic man is, wait for it, and some drumroll please………………………..

……..Mitt the Twit

or as he elegantly said earlier ………

Really Mr. Weepy?…A Cul de Sac..?

……..the ‘World’s Saddest Tangerine’, who:

-> unfortunately is third to the presidency of the greatest country on earth and fortunately is literally counting his days out,

-> unfortunately is more beholden to his crying-moments of glory and fortunately will get his drying-moments soon enough,

-> unfortunately doesn’t understand the word ‘leadership’ and fortunately will begin to grasp the concept of  ‘compromise’ in less than 70 hours,

decried this today:


“It’s time to tell us how they’re going to get us out of the cul-de-sac they’ve driven our country into.”

Boehner made sure to repeat his line about the President driving the country into a cul-de-sac before concluding the brief session with reporters

Read more:

A cul de sac? Really?  Mr. Weepy, do you even know what a cul de sac is..?  Here is the helpful Wikipedia:

cul-de-sac (literally “bottom of bag” in French) is a word of French origin referring to a dead endcloseno through road (UK, Australian and Canadian English) or court (American and Australian English) meaning dead-end street with only one inlet/outlet. While historically built for other reasons, its modern use is to calm vehicle traffic. In the United States, a cul-de-sac is notably longer than a court.[

Mr. Weepy, do take a moment to mop your tears with your manly-hanky and check this picture out… This is how a cul de sac typically looks…..and….

…………to answer your silly brilliant question, (why drag the ‘kick-ass’ president into this), allow me to kick your ass  help instead:

‘Mr. Weepy, just focus on the picture above. To drive out of a Cul de Sac, disengaging the ‘R’  and engaging the “D‘ is a start, followed by something called ‘steering’,….. you know the act where you actually tell the ‘car’ where you want it to go, like a  leader would….yes, that darn greek and latin word again’…